Helping teens turn a corner

As a master’s level In-Home Therapy (IHT) clinician, Stacia provides intensive support to adolescents with serious emotional, behavioral health, and stabilization needs.

Stacia not only supports the teen directly, but includes parents to ensure that the entire family is on track with the treatment plan and its goals.

She typically meets with families twice a week with the ultimate goal of stabilizing teens without having to remove them from the home environment.

“A clinician has to balance the needs and treatment goals of the parents or guardian and the child or teen being served,” Stacia says. “I think one of the biggest benefits to the program is that you’re working in the family’s home where they’re most comfortable, and building rapport with them. That’s a major advantage.”

With ten years of experience, and more than four at CHD, Stacia currently works with families in and around Ware, MA, predominantly serving teenagers.

“It’s so rewarding to see kids with oppositional behavior communicating better or thinking before acting out, or when those who are anxious or depressed become advocates for themselves, speak up, and take it day-by-day,” she says. “The greatest success is when young people can move forward and succeed in different areas like school, home, and the community.”

Stacia Brown - In-Home Therapy Clinician